About us

About us

Who are we?
It all began in 2004… initially in consultancy, we’ve assisted in many web based projects enabling our clients to take their first steps in gaining an online presence. Having dealt with many hosting providers over the years, we gained in depth knowledge and experience in this field. We’ve worked with dozens of hosting companies, some long standing in their field whilst others have been relatively new company startups. For the past couple of years we’ve been more heavily involved in various projects and managing multiple hosting accounts spread across various hosting providers and platforms.

From this, we created the LKH Networks hosting platform to provide hosting for our existing clients and now we’re expanding to break out into the open market.

Our main goal is to simplify the UK hosting market with easy to understand but comprehensive products, support them with knowledgeable UK based customer support, deliver them through high performance, low latency UK data centres and supply all this to you at a low price.

Our customers rely on us every day to host their websites and services, spanning from basic bloggers to large companies with bespoke requirements. We know the value of a happy customer, and we endeavour to bring our customers the best service, value and experience of personal and commercial hosting.

Where are we located?
Born and bred in South Manchester, but we’ve looked to our nations capital to support our infrastructure. If you are looking for a host for a UK website, either a .co.uk domain or a site that attracts or is targeted at a predominantly UK audience there a performance benefits to be made from choosing a web host that is also based in the UK.

Although we now like to think of the internet as being wireless or cloud-based, its basic functionality is dependent on data travelling along wires. The data from your website has to make the journey down that network of wires to the device of the person accessing your website. The shorter the journey, the better the site performance will appear to that person. So, if you’re hosting a UK website it makes sense to ensure your server is in the UK.

Because of this, we’re utilising the Amito Data Centre, in Reading, Berkshire.

Now for the techy part…
The Amito Data centre, labelled as the Flag Ship is a Tier 3+ facility of 60,000 sq ft located in Reading, Berkshire. It is a highly connected facility featuring skilled
engineers and security staff on-site 24/7/365. The facility has leading accreditations and best practice security and access controls to ensure that our investment and your service is well protected.

What about Support?
We believe in retaining your custom through outstanding customer service rather than long-term contracts so you can cancel your subscription at any time. Moreover, many of our services carry a full 30 day money back guarantee so if you are not happy with what we provide then you can ask for a full refund.

From the moment you subscribe to one of our products, you will receive the best customer care we can provide – matured through our many years of experience. We understand your needs, and the problems you are likely to encounter. Personal, friendly but always professional – we’ll enable you to get the very best from our products.

We’ve been providing web hosting and bespoke services for a long time. If something gets broken then it’s a good bet that we’ve already fixed it before for one of our customers.

You’re not just purchasing a product, you’ll receive the very best service we can provide, matured through our many years of experience. The support team don’t rely on boilerplate cut-and-paste support responses, every customer receives personal help with their problems  and our engineers are only a ticket away.