cPanel Migrations

cPanel Migrations

In addition to our commitment to our current clients, we also want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us. Migrating away from a web host can sometimes be necessary, but complicated. The last thing you want is for downtime to affect your site and your clients.

The first stage of our migration process is to assess your current hosting package and the website involved. This allows us to build a better understanding of your hosting needs and how you’re using your existing services.

After the assessment has been completed, your migration will be scheduled in at a date/time that’s convenient for you. We then begin ‘mirroring’ your website and email accounts from your existing host onto your new package.

Once the website has been setup on the new hosting package, we extensively test your website to ensure it’s in working order before proceeding any further. Any issues identified during the testing phase are fixed and recorded in the migration notes for future reference.

Switch & Check
Your domain’s DNS is updated to point to the hosting package with us, completing the migration. Following the migration, a second health check is made to ensure that the DNS is correct and a final follow up is made with you to ensure everything is working correctly.